Super Easy 4 Ingredient Cheese Biscuits

Super Easy 4 Ingredient Cheese Biscuits
Many people have told me that they can't make any kind of cake. Well, these four-ingredient ones might be worth a try. There is no shortening or fat in these, and the butter is only used to brush on top once they are done. No need to roll them out, just drop them and go. The best part is that they freeze well, so you can make a lot of them and have them for a long time. The other day, I made mine to go with broccoli cheese soup, and they were so good together.
I hope you like the once-a-month week of meals with 5 ingredients or less. I think they are helpful because most of the ingredients are things we usually have on hand, and in these hard times, the easier and fewer ingredients a recipe has, the better. I remember that my Great Granny Hollis cooked with very few things. I remember that in her kitchen there was a bag for flour and sugar, salt and pepper were on the fireplace, and the vegetables came from the root cellar in the backyard. When Papa butchered a hog, he made fat, which was also kept on the fire. She didn't have many drawers, and none of them held food of any kind. But when we all came to visit, we could make a meal with the few things she did have. I forgot about the cotton fields next to their house and the fact that my grandfather farmed cotton until my mother told me a few years ago. I remember everything else about their land, even the Sears and Roebuck catalog in the outhouse, but I have totally forgotten about the cotton. Back then, that's how they made a living, and Mama said she and her brother would sometimes help pick cotton. I try to picture Mama picking cotton. She doesn't like being outside much, but back then I guess you did what you had to do to help the family.

Easy Peasy 4 Ingredient Cheese Biscuits (makes approx. 16)

  • 2 C. Flour that makes things rise on its own
  • 8 oz. of shredded cheddar cheese (you'll need to shred it yourself for this recipe)
  • 1 1/2 to 1 1/3 cups milk (whole milk works best)
  • 2 T. butter, melted


  1. Mix the flour and cheese together in a bowl.
  2. Gradually pour in the milk until the mixture is wet and sticky. Since you're not making a dough, you'll need a little more water than you would for regular cookies.
  3. Once everything is mixed, use a small ice cream scoop (spray it with cooking spray to make it easy) to scoop out some of the mixture and put it on a lightly greased baking sheet, about 2" apart.
  4. Put them in an oven set to 350 degrees for 18 to 22 minutes.
  5. When they are done, brush them with the melted butter.

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